Alchemy Lab
Used for Create Items for Evolution and storage
Required Town Hall Level 3
Max Level 10

Cost Solar 10000

Alchemy Lab is a workshop for the Chief Dino Alchemist.

The Alchemist has these sections

In your bag you have space for Gift Packs, Treasure Chests and boosters like Amber, Beans, and Blessed Water, Strange Fruit .

When you use these gift packs and chests the contents will be automatically put in your material, item and formula inventory.

Chests can't be opened if your slots are full (to save space in Dino Mail).

An inventory for material that can be combined into rare items and Heroes. These materials will appear in the rare Items section when combined.

Rare Item
In the Rare Items inventory the Alchemist gathers items needed for Evolution as well as protection scrolls to retain levels.

Items for Evolution:
Evolution evolves Heroes into Advanced and Supreme Heroes. This process requires items for the specific Hero and the blueprint.

Level scrolls:
Without the correct level scroll the Evolved Hero will be reverted to novice level!

An inventory for blueprints needed for Evolution