A Vigorous Veteran hero who specializes in long-rang strike and air defense.

Evolves to Advanced Archae

Possible SkillsEdit

Skill Name Adventure Stage Description Targets
 Backstab  Hammerit Creek, Twisted Tweaks (Active) Poison attack that does damage to enemies defence   Warrior, Hero
 Brutal  Hammerit Creek  (Passive) Increased damage to warriors.  Warrior
Burn    (Passive) Cause sustainable burning damage by chance.  Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero 
Confuse    Rupurt's Rescue, Twisted Tweaks (Passive) Gives attack a chance to make Big Dino Enemies dizzy   Steelback, Kouga, Benarth
Dishonourable Strike   Sama's Retreat (Active) Poison Attack that reduces enemies damage   Warrior, Hero
Eagle Defence   Rupurt's Rescue, Twisted Tweaks (Passive) Adds a chance to do extra damage to air units   Air Units
Ferocity   Hammerit Creek (Passive) Adds a chance for surrounding warriors to be dizzy.   Warrior
Fireball   Bigfoot's Rest, Twisted Tweaks (Active) Throw fireballs and cause sustained fire damage.   Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Firewall   Twisted Tweaks, High Tower Rex (Active) Set front line on fire   Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero, Friendly Damage
Frost Bite   Sama's Retreat (Passive) Imbues regular attack with Ice damage, making it slow down movement and attack speed in equal measure   Defense, Warrior, Hero
Hamstring   Bigfoot's Rest (Active) Poison attack that reduces enemies movement speed.   Warrior, Hero
Heart of Fire    (Active) A Thrown fire bomb that explodes doing physical damage to surrounding enemies.   Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Ignite Bombra   Twisted Tweaks (Passive) Attack that makes Bombra explode doing AOE damage to all in range.   Bombra, Friendly Damage
Ice Spear   Sama's Retreat, Twisted Tweaks (Active) An ice attack the slows down the movement and attack speed in equal measure   Defense, Warrior, Hero
Ice Storm   High Tower Rex (Active) Freeze the Enemy   Defense, Warrior, Hero
Pyromancy   Bigfoot's Rest (Passive) Imbues regular attack with fire damage, doing damage over time.   Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Total Concentration    (Active) Archae focuses his mind, body and soul to fight as one. Increasing defence, attack and movement speed.   Self