What are Heroes? Edit

Dino Heroes are big Dinos that you can send out to attack other players, complete PvE missions and leave behind to defend your village.

The number you can have in your battle formation depends on the level of your Heroes academy. Skills are special abilities that heroes can use to defend or attack, to buff allies or debuff enemies!

Current Heroes Edit

01Archae 01Bombra 01Dino 01Faerie 01Froster
01Kouga 01Lightning 01Mocyl 01Raptor 01Steelback

What do I use Heroes for? Edit

Heroes are powerful Dinos who can use powerful skills and lead Warriors into battle. They can be used to attack other players, complete PvE missions and to defend your village.

Send as backup to allies! One reason to keep your Clan Castle upgraded is that it gives room for Heroes sent by your fellow Clan members

How do I make Heroes Stronger? Edit

Level them up by fighting and getting enough EXP .

Find skills and use them to replace or enhance current skills.

Promote them to higher rank with the help of Dino Tags.

Open up more skill slots in the Wild Adventure stage.

At higher levels, Evolve Heroes to 2nd Tier and 3rd Tier using Items and Alchemy More ways to come....


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