Froster Edit

An Attacker-type hero, with a slow yet powerful destructive ability.

He gives you the chill. 

No one dares challenge the mighty Froster, nor face him a second time.

Evolves to: Advanced Froster

Possible Skills Edit

Skill Name Adventure Stage Description Targets
Building-Freeze Lilarm Wings, Rifty Toes (Active) Froster blows a chilling wind doing damage to towers and buildings infront of him. Construction, Defense
Deep Breath Razor Stones (Active) Blows a chilling wind onto all warriors and heroes in front of Froster. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Dino-Freeze Rifty Toes, Sauridae (Active) Freeze the attack ability of the target Heroes infront of Froster. Hero
Fire-Extinguish Lilarm Wings (Active) Huge Damage to Fire Dino Tower Fire Dino Tower
Frozen   (Passive) Freeze an enemy by chance Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Ice-Age   (Active) Cause ice damage to all within the range of the blast. Damage is spread over time. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Ice Shield Meteor Shower (Active) A heavy Ice Shield protects Froster while slowing it down. Self
Ice Threat Razor Stones (Active) Reduce the speed and attack of enemy warriors in a cone shape infront of Froster. Warrior
Ice-Crash Meteor Shower (Passive) Causes Ice-blast when hitting the ground after death. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Wither Lilarm Wings (Active) Slow down the attack of enemy defense towers in a cone shape infront of Froster Defense