Kouga Edit

A Tank-type Hero with strong combat capability.

King of the fighters on the ground.

Evolves to: Advanced Kouga

Possible Skills Edit

Skill Name Adventure Stage Description Targets
Bite of Death Blackbone Haltic, Segiaurus Throws (Passive) Critical Hit to enemies surrounding before death. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Clearing Flame Animalia Lands, Segiaurus Throws (Active) Spread flame in a trail ahead. Damaging all caught in the blaze and doing damage when hit. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Hammering Sauridae (Passive) Kouga attacks in a way that has a chance to stun enemies as well. Defense, Warrior, Hero
Hard Attack North Rippers, Windmill Falls (Passive) Bestows regular attack with a chance to slow down enemy movement and attack speed. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Healing Charms   Kouga never leaves home without his charms, regenerating HP in battle Self
Master Vampire North Rippers (Passive) Regenerate and steal HP during battle Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Protection Segiaurus Throws (Active) Increases the defense of nearby warriors for a short time. Warrior
Punishing Strike   (Active) Cause huge damage to an enemy. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Roar Animalia Lands, Runnosaur Hills (Active) Makes all enemies Dizzy Defense, Warrior, Hero
Second Chance Animalia Lands (Passive) Adds a chance to be revived after death and regain full HP once per battle. Self
Snakecharmer Gaze Sauridae (Active) Freeze enemy troops and towers for a time, stopping them from attacking. Defense, Warrior, Hero
Taunt North Rippers (Active) Insult the enemies nearby, making them attack the caster instead of others. Perfect for tanks. Self, Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero