Lightning Edit

An assistant-type Hero who can control the battle with force fields and guide other Heroes to fight.

Lightning provides a quick and deadly attack on all enemy units from the sky.

Evolves to: Advanced Lightning

Possible Skills

Skill Name Adventure Stage Description Targets
Airforce Killer "Longtooth Woods, Protecto Saur, Raptor Ray's" (Passive) Regular attack has a chance to damage the defence of enemy air units Air Units
E-Bomb   (Active) Cause damage to enemies on the ground. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Fire-Proof Force Field Rhyno Bay (Active) Field makes allies immune to fire for a time within affected area Warrior, Hero
Flash   (Active) Improve attack and defence for a while. Self
Focus Heroes Longtooth Woods, Protecto Saur (Active) All Friendly heros in the effected area focus fire of Lightning's targer Ground Units
Focus The Air Force Longtooth Woods (Active) Command all air units to focus on current target. Air Units
Harmonic Field Fearme Jane (Active) Set up an electricity force field to speed up all the friendly forces within the force field Warrior, Hero
Healers Block Raptor Ray's (Passive) The attacked unit cannot be healed for a while. Warrior, Hero
Ice-Proof Force Field Rhyno Bay (Active) Field makes allies immune to ice for a time within affected area Warrior, Hero
Punish Raptor Ray's (Active) Kill an enemy warrior and gain some HP Warrior
Speed Meditation   (Passive) Increases allies movement and attack speed in a large area. Warrior, Hero
Stasis Field Fearme Jane (Active) Set up a static force field that pauses the attack of enemy warriors and heros for a time within affected area Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero

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