Material can be combined into Rare Items and Heroes.

Materials will appear in the Rare Items section when combined. There are two types of Material; Dino Pieces and Rare Item Pieces.

Dino PiecesEdit

Dino Pieces can be used to create new Heroes/Dinos.

You must collect 80 of a particular Dino Piece in order to combine them into a complete Dino. 

They can be obtained through WantedMocyl's Shop and a variety of different Chests.

Rare Item PiecesEdit

Rare Item Pieces are used to create the Rare Items required for Dino Evolution.

You must have 30 of an Advanced Piece to combine into an Advanced Rare Item and 50 of a Supreme Piece to combine into a Supreme Rare Item.

They can be obtained through a variety of different Chests and Mocyl's Shop.