Mocyl Edit

An attacker-type Hero who can launch destructive air-strikes, with a relatively slow pace.

Anybody cares to tell me why HE can fly?

Evolves to: Advanced Mocyl

Possible Skills Edit

Skill Name Adventure Stage Description Targets
Attack Sword Dino Tower Rapid Tyrann (Passive) Enhance attack on Sword Dino Tower Sword Dino Tower
Bloody Defense Bitsy Land (Active) Enhance defense at the expense of HP for certain time. Self
Bomber Lost Jaws (Passive) Enhance attack on Dino Town Hall Dino Town Hall
Charge   (Active) Increase defense and movement speed by great amount. Self
Destructive Fall Rapid Tyrann (Passive) Cause devastation by hitting the ground when dying Self, Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Double Bullet   (Passive) One shot with two bullets by chance. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Fire-Rain Undercover Teeth (Passive) Attack with Fire Damage Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Forced Flight Bitsy Land (Active) Speed up at the expense of HP for certain time Self
Ice-Melter Undercover Teeth (Passive) Enhance attack to Frost Dino Tower Frost Dino Tower
Ice-Rain Undercover Teeth (Passive) Attack with Ice Damage Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Mist Lost Jaws (Passive) Cause enemy warriors and heros to become dizzy Warrior, Hero
Multiple Damage Rapid Tyrann (Passive) Adds a chance to cause critical damage Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Phoenix Bitsy Land (Active) Speed up for 5s and explode your hero afterwards to cause devistation. Self, Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Sweeper Lost Jaws (Passive) Adds extra damage to Mocyl's attack on warriors Warrior

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