Raptor Edit

An attacker-type Hero specialized in fast attack and looting resources.

Fast as lightning he aims for the treasure of the enemies. Pillages with poisons

Evolves to: Advanced Raptor

Possible Skills Edit

VSkill Name Adventure Stage Description Targets
Blood Pact Albisaurs, Reptilia Bones, Twisted Tweaks (Active) Consume HP to increase attack and defense for a short time. Self
Despicable Eraptor Towers, Toothy's Red (Active) Kill some warriors nearby and recover some HP Self, Warrior, Friendly Damage
Double Hit Flaay Homes, Rupurt's Rescue (Passive) Randomly doubles the damage on enemy target Self
Escape Lizzy's Revenge, Eraptor Towers (Passive) Speed up when HP is lower than 30% Self
Grazing Attack Song of Icy Fire, Flaay Homes, Twisted Tweaks (Passive) An area attack doing damage to warriors in a cone of hurt in front of Raptor Warrior
Imbue with Fire Evil Tawa (Passive) Master of Fire, adding the damage over time of fire to regular attack. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Imbue with Ice Reptilia Bones (Passive) Master of Ice, slowing enemy down while attacking. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero
Last Stand Evil Tawa (Passive) Increase attack when HP is lower than 30% Self
Mine Strike Lizzy's Revenge, Twisted Tweaks (Passive) Increases damage done to Mines Mine
Solar Strike Evil Tawa, Twisted Tweaks (Passive) Increase damage done to Solar Collector Solar Collector
Sprint Flaay Homes (Active) Speed up for a short time. Self
Vampire Reptilia Bones (Passive) Recover HP while attacking enemy heroes and warriors. Warrior, Hero
Wall Buster Lizzy's Revenge, Twisted Tweaks (Passive) Increases damage done to barricades Barricade
Evil Cut Mocyl Event #1 Reward vip 3 [Special Skill] (Active) Use evil powers to cause extra strong DMG to a single target. Construction, Defense, Warrior, Hero