What is Mutation?Edit

Strange Fruit, Heroes with different colors

Strange FruitEdit

Mutation is a process where Heroes get changed by elemental powers. This can happen naturally when putting Hero Material together to get a hero, but mainly it happens when eating Strange Fruit.

===There are 3 types of Strange Fruit.===

Heroes mutate to different stages of mutation when they eat the different types. Mutation is a permanent condition and can only be reversed or re-mutated by either eating Normalization Fruit or by eating another Strange Fruit. Please be sure of what you do before you decide to feed your Heroes with this Strange Fruit...

The 5 elements of the Dino WorldEdit

The mutations relate to Dino Worlds basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Thunder.

All elements have a chance to boost and reduce some of your Dino Hero's stats during the mutation process. Below follows information about the kind of effect the different elements have. How strong effect depends on mutation level.

Where can Strange Fruit be found?Edit

Strange Fruit is a very rare item and can currently only be found in Mocyl's shop by very lucky Chiefs. The Shop offers refreshes automatically each 8 hours.


How do I use Strange FruitEdit

How do I mutate a hero?

Head to the Hero Academy and tap "feed" on your preferred Hero. Look for the Strange Fruit in the food list and put it in use on the Hero. The fruit will cause a random mutation in one of the 5 element directions mentioned above. The mutation can only be reversed by eating normalization fruit, so please be sure before you mutate.